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Meet Brandy Brooks

Hello! I’m Brandy Brooks, candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large. I am an Afro-Latina educator, facilitator, designer, and community organizer with 15 years of experience working on social, environmental, and economic justice.

In 2018, I ran in the 33-person Democratic primary for Montgomery County Council At-Large. As a first-time, grassroots candidate, I placed 7th overall and ranked 2nd among women in the race. Since that time, the challenges faced by our communities have intensified – around housing affordability, racial and environmental justice, economic and educational inequity, and more. At the same time, there are too many of us whose voices and visions aren’t represented in policy and politics: whether we are residents of color, women, young people, poor and working people, TLGBQ+, immigrants, or renters. The policy solutions we need require a new kind of political leadership.

I am a progressive policy champion who organizes for equity and justice in housing, transportation, community food systems, education, employment and economic development, policing, health care, and voting and civic engagement. I currently serve on the board of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance, and I have been active in local policy and organizing efforts with the Montgomery County Racial Equity (MORE) Network and the Montgomery County Green New Deal Coalition (MoCo GND). This county is home — for me and for my family. I live in the Kensington/Wheaton area.

I love the diversity of Montgomery County’s people and communities. It is only by investing in our collective knowledge, experience, skills, and resources that we can meet the challenges we face and create a just and sustainable future for our families and our neighbors. I’m excited to build power with you for a county that supports all of us to live, learn, and thrive together.

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