Together, We Rise!

I believe that Movement Politics builds power for all of us.

In this time of crisis, we rise up. We rise up for people and planet. For a government that protects the right of all people to thrive. For a society where every person has a say in our collective future.
People’s Action


Meet Brandy Brooks

I’m running for Montgomery County Council At-Large because we need to build a people-powered democracy from the ground up, and that starts with a local government that actually responds to the needs and hopes and dreams of the residents of our County.

I believe that real democracy means we govern ourselves: instead of sending a representative to an elected body and crossing our fingers that she will do what we hope, we are actively working with that representative to support and hold each other accountable to creating the world we want. The kind of politics I care about isn’t just about winning campaigns. It isn’t about having the right background or the right message or the right look. I want to build a world that matches our values – a world where justice and love and dignity and care for one another are the bedrock for how we govern ourselves.

About Brandy

  • Silver Spring/Wheaton resident since 2015 living in a multi-racial, multi-generational home.
  • Leadership trainer and member of Progressive Maryland.
  • Extensive background in food justice and collaborative food systems.
  • Has served on zoning boards & leadership roles with non-profits.
  • Granddaughter of immigrants.

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