A People-Powered Democracy

A People-Powered Democracy

I believe that real democracy means we govern ourselves: instead of sending a representative to an elected body and crossing our fingers that she will do what we hope, we are actively working with that representative to support and hold each other accountable to creating the world we want. The kind of politics I care about isn’t just about winning campaigns. It isn’t about having the right background or the right message or the right look. I want to build a world that matches our values — a world where justice and love and dignity and care for one another are the bedrock for how we govern ourselves.

For years, I didn’t think politics could be like that. I thought I always had to settle for less than I really believed that I and my communities should have. And I thought that if I ran for office, then I’d always have to be compromising — not just on policy positions, but on the values that make me who I am. So I stayed away from the political sphere for a long time.

But now I see that there are people rising up all over the country — and across all of Montgomery County — to say that we’re not going to keep accepting the lesser of two (or three, or four) evils. We deserve better. And we’re going to get better: not by putting our hope in one person we think will change it all, but by building our collective power to make change. We aren’t simply winning an election; we’re creating a movement that will change our county and the nation.

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We believe that everyone should have a voice in our democracy — not just the wealthy. I commit to work together with People’s Action & all movement & justice organizations to build a new Movement Politics that relies on people power to govern together. Together we will rise up and win!

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