Introducing the BIPOC100

The BIPOC100 are Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and multiracial grassroots leaders in Montgomery County and across the U.S. who share Brandy’s dedication to an inclusive and representative democracy and to policies that support equity, justice, and healing for all our communities. They are current and former elected officials, grassroots organizers, and leaders in their communities. They are demonstrating how we make transformative change around climate and the environment, housing, education, political engagement, and racial equity.

This dynamic list of leaders illustrates the kind of movement we are building: powerful and effective, rooted in community leadership, and consistently creating the solutions we need for the challenges and opportunities we face. Brandy is proud to be part of this network of leaders and honored to have their support!

* Note: BIPOC100 members express their support of the campaign as individuals. No endorsement by their affiliated organizations is implied.

Abraham Aiyash

Member, Michigan House of Representatives, 4th District

Hamtramck, MI

Brandy is committed to centering those most impacted by policies one very discussion in Montgomery County. She is rooted in community and will bring a co-governing lens to the county board.

Aja Gillian Taylor

Co-Founder, Two Brown Girls Consulting Cooperative

Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to building a Montgomery County that I believe in, there is no better woman for the job. Accountability, a commitment to anti-racism and a verifiable hunger for justice and equity are Brandy’s clear driving forces, and I am excited to support her run for the second time in a row.

Amouzou Maickel “Coach Fofo”

Founder, Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy

Silver Spring, MD

Amy Zhai

Co-Founder of the Asian American Progressive Student Union, Alumna of Richard Montgomery High School

Potomac, MD

I’ve lived in Montgomery County for my entire life and really care about the future of this county and its unique level of diversity. I believe that progressive policies are the best way to uplift our residents’, especially those who have been marginalized, perspectives and fight for economic, racial, and environmental justice.

Ana Sol Gutiérrez

Former Maryland State Delegate, District 18

Chevy Chase, MD

I met Brandy in 2018 and we hit it off right away. As a fellow progressive, Brandy is willing to speak truth to power. We all know that the powers that be are status quo oriented even though change is needed. We need Brandy’s voice to help make policy decisions that represent the community and have their issues brought to the forefront. We couldn’t have a better spokesperson in Brandy.

Andrea Atkinson

Co-Director, One Square World

Boston, MA

Brandy lives out her vision for a just world every day. She thoughtfully practices her values in her day to day interactions. Her vision is too big and bright to put into words. As a close friend and colleague, I have had the honor of walking with her through the last few years, and have benefited from her leadership, her wisdom and her vision. She has made me a better, more reflective, and more effective leader and human. I can’t wait to see the level of impact her leadership will make when she serves as Montgomery County Councilmember.

Angela Mahecha

Environmental Justice Fellowship Director, Tishman Environment and Design Center

Miami, FL

Anim Steel

Co-founder, Real Food Generation

Brooklyn, NY

Having worked with Brandy on building up a food justice project, I have deep trust about her vision for the community and for our youth.

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

National Racial/Climate Justice Advocate

Washington, DC

At a time when we focus too much on top-down processes, we need leaders and Black woman magic that understands transformational change is a bottom up process. Brandy embodies what it means to be the spiritual property of, by, and for the people. I have no doubts that she will be a paragon of public service, and all of her decisions will be informed and driven by the grassroots. We need less politicians and more organizers in office, Brandy will adroitly adhere to and embody this ethos.

Ashanti Martinez

Community Activist

New Carollton, MD

We need more working people in elected office that understand the challenges our people are facing and are ready to provide solutions.

Avery Smedley

Co-founder, Students Toward Equitable Public Schools

Silver Spring, MD

I’m tired of faux progressivism and teeny steps toward progress. Brandy truly wants systemic change, especially on issues most urgent to me as a young person of color in this county like climate change, racial justice and economic justice.

Bahieh Hartshorn

Movement Politics Manager, TakeAction MN and Board President of the West Side Community Organization

Saint Paul, MN

Ben Ishibashi

Chicago, IL

Brigette Rouson

Principal, Rouson Associates

Washington, DC

Carlean Ponder

Leader, Silver Spring Justice Coalition

Montgomery County, MD

Carolyn Erskine

Founding Consultant, Roots to the Future, L.L.C. & Project Director, Racial Justice NOW!

Silver Spring, MD/Kasoa, Ghana

I support Brandy Brooks because she has a vision for Montgomery County-one that is more equitable– that I believe in. Brandy works hard to hear from and consider the voices from community members in all parts of the county. She has the knowledge, skill, and determination to make Montgomery County better for everyone.

Charles A Smith

Capitol Heights, MD

I support Brandy because she is one of the most inspiring and dynamic, community focused leaders I know. The fresh perspective and experience she will bring to Montgomery County’s Council will be invaluable for the future of all residents.

Charly Carter

Executive Director, Democracy Initiative

Baltimore, MD

Chris Barclay

Former Member, Montgomery County Board of Education

Takoma Park, MD

Clint Sobratti

Candidate for Maryland State Delegate, District 39

Montgomery Village, MD

I support Brandy, because we must create a government that not only reflects but represent the fabric of our community.

Dalbin Osorio, MS.Ed/MSW

Chair, Montgomery County Police Advisory Commission; Chair of Advocacy, Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations

Gaithersburg, MD

Brandy is an advocate and an organizer in the mold of those BIPOC organizers who paved the way for the work we must do now in creating an equitable County. Brandy is pragmatic and progressive, and a proven champion that I would trust to fight for my Afro-Latina daughter in spaces where people that look like them aren’t typically welcome. Brandy has the experience and policy knowledge to make things better for the people who love this County, and I am thrilled to be supporting her.

Dara Cooper

National Organizer, National Black Food & Justice Alliance

Atlanta, GA

Darryl Molina Sarmiento

Executive Director, Communities for a Better Environment

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I support Brandy because she is an strong and effective leader who will speak up and fight for justice.

Deepa Iyer

Writer, Activist

Silver Spring, MD

Brandy Brooks is a powerful, values-driven, and collaborative leader who has the experience, the networks, and the policy ideas to move past lip-service equity in order to bring about transformative systemic change for Montgomery County residents.

dominic t. moulden

Initiator, Element Free School

Washington, DC

Dwayne Wharton

Just Strategies

Philadelphia, PA

Brandy has been a leader in the food and justice space for many years. I appreciate her collaborative and creative approach and leadership which I believe translates brilliantly in public service.

Erica Mauter

Mobile Innovation Director, MoveOn

Minneapolis, MN

We met in 2017 at Black Campaign School, when we were both running for office for the first time, and we hit it off instantly. I’m constantly impressed by Brandy’s desire to make the world a better place, her deep support for and from her family, her courage in stepping into this leadership role, and her commitment to do it all while being true to her authentic self.

Erica Nanton

Organizer & Community Leader

Chicago, IL

Evon J. Black

Former President and Current member, National Black Deaf Advocates; Associate Director for the Center of Black Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University

Takoma Park, MD

Brandy is a visionary and transformative leader of putting the ” People First”. She is the one that gets people to do the greatest things.

Fatmata Barrie

Candidate, Montgomery County Council

Silver Spring, MD

I support Brandy because we share a common goal of for racial and social justice and equity and inclusion. I believe she will bring a needed voice to the council.

Gabriel Acevero

Maryland House of Delegates, 39th District

Montgomery Village

Brandy is using her voice and power to change the systems that have ignored Black and Brown communities for too long. She will be a true champion for renters, workers, and our environment on the County Council. I look forward to partnering with her to make Montgomery County and Maryland national leaders on issues of police accountability, universal healthcare, and labor rights.

Grace Pai

Execuitive Director, Asian American Midwest Progressives

Chicago, IL

I support Brandy because she is a bold, progressive visionary who will co-govern with our communities — especially people of color, working class folks, immigrants, and those who are directly impacted by the policies she is working on. Brandy is an incredible relationship-builder with a strong track record of grassroots community work. She knows how to get things done.

Hamza Sarwar Khan

President, Muslim Democratic Club

Potomac, MD

When it comes to speaking truth to power, there are a few more noble or more committed to social justice as more than a talking point than Brandy. Not supporting her would be a disservice by me to the county and people I care about.

Hugo E. Cantu

Bowie, MD

Brandy is a true organizer in every sense of the word. In policy creation, having community input is crucial to the betterment of everyone’s quality of life. Too often we see policies that negatively impact unheard communities. I know Brandy Brooks will respect all communities by involving them in her policy approaches.

Jacquelyn Lowery

Silver Spring, MD

Jamye Wooten

Founder, CLLCTIVLY; Founder & CEO, Kinetics Strategies

Baltimore, MD

Janeese Lewis George

Member, Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 4

Washington, DC

The DC region takes teamwork. Issues like housing, transportation, and healthcare don’t end at the DC/Maryland border, and we need champions for working families across the DMV. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Brandy Brooks for Montgomery County Council. Brandy has the leadership and experience we need for a more just DC region, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting her for the next Councilmember for Montgomery County.

Janelle Wong

Bethesda, MD

Jayne Park

Silver Spring, MD

I support Brandy because of her genuine commitment to center the full humanity of people who are too often overlooked and marginalized – both in her campaign, and in her governance philosophy and approach.

jeremiah a lowery

Chair, DC For Democracy

Washington, DC

Brandy is deeply rooted in the community and has been organizing for as long as I can remember. She is a prime example of people we need in office, someone who will fight for and center the voices of working class people.

Jill D. Sege

The Sege Law Office and Interpreting Services, LLC

Silver Spring, MD

I love her platform of language justice and have done my best to spread the word to key stakeholders in this area so that Deaf people can be in the central leadership of her campaign. I also believe she stands for everything I love about Silver Spring. Brandy Brooks has brilliant policy ideas and inspires us all to do more. I especially salute her dedication to creating funded mandates for justice.

Jo Saint-George, Esq.

Silver Spring, MD

Josephine Chu

Washington, DC

I support Brandy because I share her vision for advancing social, environmental, and economic justice and she has the experience and skills to work toward these shared goals on the Montgomery County Council.

Juanita O. Lewis

Deputy Director, Community Voices Heard

Newburgh, NY

Brandy has a passion and vision for her community and is ready to make change.

Kalila Barnett

Boston, MA

Brandy is a leader, who cares deeply about her community and has an inspirational vision to create communities where everyone benefits.

Kari Fulton

Washington, DC

Ken R. Whittaker

Executive Director, Michigan United

Detroit, MI

Justice, dignity, and fairness. Brandy embodies the work behind these words. She understands the root causes of the ills that plague our community and works tirelessly fighting against all those who seek to exploit. Brandy is a leader with the real lived experiences of those she is destined to represent. It’s those real lived experiences that gives Brandy the insight needed to drive the changes that most impact our day to day lives.

Kenneth Wilson

CEO of Xsiban Enterprises, Black Squirrel Media, and Men of Stature

Silver Spring, MD

Krystal Oriadha

Community Activist

Capitol Heights, MD

I believe that she really cares about people. She is in this for the right reasons and that is sadly rare in politics. I think her voice and voices like hers are missing at the table.

Kush Kharod

Hub Coordinator, Sunrise Movement DC

Germantown, MD

I grew up in Germantown, right in the heart of Montgomery County. The people of MOCO are kind, hard working, and good people. However, for decades, it has gotten harder and harder for family and friends to excel with the obstacles in our way, especially from the disastrous acts of our government. Brandy recognizes these obstacles and wants to break them down. She supports progressive and much-needed policies, from housing to the environment, and so many more. I support Brandy because she has been part of the struggle. She is an educator, an organizer, and has dedicated her life for a better future, understanding that power does not come from the top, but from us. It’s time for Montgomery County residents to get an elected official who cares for us, hears us, understands our needs, and is not scared to fight for us. For me, that’s Brandy.

Laura Kigweba James

Silver Spring, MD

Brandy’s campaign represents the power and the vision of the community to ignite change. Brandy is my community and we are building power together, to change our community for the better.

Lauren Payne

Bethesda, MD

There are not many black women in leadership. I support her platform and dedication to creating a more inclusive and just Montgomery County.

Lenace Edwards

Labor & Political Organizer

Washington, DC

As a fellow organizer, I’m excited to support Brandy Brooks for Montgomery County Council At-Large. She is committed to creating public policy that is centered on the public good. We need more bold women in public office. Brandy is bringing people together to create a bold vision for the county and is the kind of leaders we need to stand up for everyday people.

Lorna Phillips Forde

Community Leader/Advocate

Germantown, MD

I support Brandy because I have witnessed her commitment and passion to ensure that residents of Montgomery County are able to thrive and survive. Brandy will fight for each resident to bring equity, inclusion and access to the table. She has experience in the trenches with residents and thoroughly understands the issues. Brandy will be able to effectively navigate differing priorities on the Council to negotiate an end game that is fair for all. I have no doubt she will serve Montgomery County well.

Luke Jones

Silver Spring, MD

Madison “Matt” Thompson

Cross-Cultural Mediation Services

Dorchester. MA

My support for Brandy Brooks lies behind her in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our community at both the local and national levels. Her desire to create real change will be a beacon for community unification while respectful of our differences as well.My support for Brandy Brooks lies behind her in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our community at both the local and national levels. Her desire to create real change will be a beacon for community unification while respectful of our differences as well.

Makia Green

Community and Political Organizer

Washington, DC

I support Brandy because she has a vision of a just recovery from covid and a government that serves working class communities.

Marc James

Farmer, Common Good City Farm

Washington, DC

Brandy is the type of leader I have been looking for. She is honest, direct and compassionate to historically marginalized communities. Brandy’s platforms address community challenges in a unique way and I look forward to her leadership in action.

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition

Bethesda, MD

I support Brandy because she will fight against corruption in Montgomery County. Brandy has integrity and will support marginalized groups and communities. She also will fight to stop the desecration of Moses Macedonia African Cemetery.

Martha Lugo

Former Candidate for Aurora City Council

Aurora, CO

Melissa Rubio

Senior Political Manager, OneAmerica

Seattle, WA

I am thrilled to support Brandy because she is a dedicated, compassionate and wickedly smart organizer. It is also time—and has been time—for Black women to be supported and elevated into positions of power. Brandy leads with a fierce heart for all communities and is exactly the type of leader we need in a moment where we are facing multiple crises with dire consequences, from public health to climate change. She is part of a wave of women of color, and black women in particular, who are going to lead our country into a new era of government for the people. Go Brandy! I love you and your spirit.

Michaela Purdue Lovegood

Co-Director, Political Healers Project

Philadelphia, PA

Brandy has been, and continues to be, one of my fiercest, most loyal, most dynamic and most innovative allies and co-conspirators — in work, life and liberation. She embodies the values that I care most about — power, passion, and possibility — and plays a critical role in the manifesting of these values in the world. I would support Brandy in any way that I can and follow her to the wildest places on the planet — always.

Michelle C. Whittaker

Organizer + Political Strategist

Kensington, MD

Brandy is a dynamic leader who brings people together to find common ground and solutions that meet the community where they are.

Monica Atkins

Deep Seedz Arts Collective/Climate Justice Alliance

Jackson, MS

I support Brandy Brooks because he has the power to make every community member feel powerful, seen, and centered in decision making!

Navina Khanna

Executive Director, HEAL Food Aliiance

Oakland, CA

Nelsie Yang

St. Paul City Councilmember, Ward 6

Saint Paul, MN

Brandy is a racial equity organizer who puts people first in government and community. She’s the voice we need to drastically change our systems so it works for people across race, class, gender, age.

Nicola Williams

Candidate, Cambridge City Council

Cambridge, MA

Nigel Tann

Director of Training, People's Action

River Forest, IL

Brandy’s leadership is what this county needs. Leadership is about consistently making hard decisions that lead to the change you want to see and I have seen Brandy do this is numerous settings. What makes Brandy an excellent leader is her ability to stay grounded in her values even when it would be easier to sway away from them. Brandy is thoughtful, compelling, intellectually sharp and she is great at building relationships – what more could you want from an elected official? I am proud to call Brandy a friend and comrade and I am excited to witness her leadership on a bigger scale after she wins.

Nikil Saval

Member, Pennsylvania State Senate, District 1

Philadelphia, PA

Nikki M.G. Cole

DMV Organizer, Strategist, Fundraiser, and Workers Rights Advocate

Silver Spring, MD

I support Brandy because of her values on Democratic inclusion, diversity, workers rights, public health, and more. She is a person of integrity and I can’t wait to elect her as the first Black woman in an at-large seat on the Montgomery County Council.

Nydea Graves

Chester County Stands Up

Coatesville, PA

Brandy is powerful and inspiring, her work in Maryland energizes me and inspires me every day to get out into my community and build up my with love and compassion. Brandys care for her community is a reflection of her care for justice and relentlessly spreads her vision for a more caring world.

Rahwa Ghirmatzion

Executive Director, PUSH Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

Rebecca Thompson

Founder & CEO, Rebecca Thompson International

Silver Spring, MD

I honor Brandy for having the audacity of ambition to run for Montgomery County Council At-Large. We all believed in Brandy’s vision in 2018 and we are changing the game in 2022. As we make history with this campaign, it is time to remember that we are in the fight of our lives to build a better future.

Rebekah A. Williams

Co-Founder, Food for the Spirit

Naples, NY

Reginald Thomas Brown, M.Ed.

Board Co-chair, VOCAL-NY

New York, NY

I support Brandy Brooks because she is a strong, determined and compassionate Black female who lives her values. Even though she did not get enough votes in her initial run in a very competitive election, she has not allowed that to prevent her from moving forward and following her path to power. She did not lose an election, she got on the job experience. The best kind of experience.

Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, III

Pastor, Pleasant Hope Baptist Church

Baltimore, MD

Rev. Segun Adebayo, Ph.D

Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church

Bethesda, MD

Brandy will fight against corporate dominance in government.

Richard DeShay Elliott

Chair of State Affairs, Prince George’s County Young Democrats

Bowie, MD

I support Brandy because I know she has concrete plans to ensure housing affordability, better wages, and policing reform in Montgomery County.

Rick Krajewski

Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 188th District

Philadelphia, PA

Brandy is a phenomenal trainer, political healer, and organizer and I am also blessed to call her a mentor and friend. I’ve know her for over 4 years now, and I’ve seen how much she’s done to transform politics in Maryland. I’ve also seen her influence spread in the other people she has trained and supported across our national organizer network. She has a clear vision of redefining what movement politics is, and in the process building not only her own power, but the power of the people around her. That is why I am so excited about her candidacy — not just because of the great things she’ll do for Montgomery County, but because of the great leaders she will develop and bring with her along the way.

Robert Stubblefield

Founder, United Front for Justice; member Democratic Socialists of America, Young People for Progress, Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition, Showing Up for Racial Justice-MoCo

Silver Spring, MD

Roslyn Ogburn

Detroit, MI

Sade Anderson-Brown, Ph.D

Washington, DC

Seanniece Bamiro

Master in Public Policy

Bowie, MD

I support Brandy because she leads with empathy, equity, and love. She has an amazing spirit. Brandy gets things done and she adds value to anything she is a part of.

Sebastian Johnson

Silver Spring, MD

Brandy is a dedicated organizer with a heart for service. Her people-powered campaign will bring progressive energy and bold new ideas to the county council. We need more strong women leaders working for all of us in local government!

Senowa Mize-Fox

Baltimore Community Organizer

Baltimore, MD

I support Brandy because I recognize her determination and strength at centering people and communities first and her intersectional approach to fighting for justice on every level!

Sergio Cea

Electoral Organizer, Reclaim Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

I’m supporting Brandy Brooks because I know what disinvestment in black and brown communities looks like in Montgomery County. It looks like wealthier families hoarding resources in a few select communities that create segregated schools with poor graduation rates for the rest. Brandy understands that good quality education should be guaranteed no matter whether you live in Aspen Hill or Bethesda.

Shayla Briana Davis

Executive VP, Takoma Foundation; Treasurer, Brandy Brooks Power Posse

Silver Spring, MD

I support Brandy Brooks because she cares deeply about the people, who they are, and what they need to live and thrive in this county.

Sheyna Arthur

Wheaton, MD

I support Brandy because of how she educates the community on critical issues as a means of empowerment. She’s not combative and enables the community to think about the issues and make an informed decision on their own. I think she will be a positive and collaborative member of the Council.

Shuo (Jim) Huang

Public Member, Montogmery County Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Committee

Silver Spring, MD

I am so excited to support Brandy for Montgomery County Council because she has the approach, experience, and ideas we need to build a county where we can all thrive! To Brandy, a racially equitable government by definition is one that empowers the work, knowledge, and ideas we generate through our communities, and not one that just tries to manage our expectations. Seriously, read her statement about examples of how the county’s planning process should operate, then judge for yourself how rooting the county’s processes in what our communities wanted would have given residents healthier, more connected, and safer neighborhoods, and actually helped keep viable the real locally owned small businesses that make our neighborhoods so vivacious.

Simran Noor

Principal, NOOR Consulting

New York, NY

Brandy is awesome. The people’s candidate. She has the most impacted folks in heart and is strategic and holistic in her approach. I believe in Brandy’s vision and think she is the best candidate for the job!

Sriram Madhusoodanan

Missoula, MT

Across the country we are seeing a rising tide of powerful and fresh new voices run and win critical races for elected office. Members of Congress like Representatives Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley and many more in state and local races across the country. These new leaders reflect the rich diversity and experience of our communities and our country today. People who don’t just talk about issues like housing affordability, racial and environmental injustice, healthcare and education like they read about them in a book, but from a place of intimidate knowledge and lived experience. People who are committed and hopeful in fighting for a vision of a better world, a better society. And people who are willing to roll up their sleeves, stand their ground and fight back against the powerful monied interests and “good ole boys” who have held power for too long in this country. A brilliant organizer and dedicated community leader, Brandy is exactly the kind of new and visionary leader we need to see to in the so-called “rooms where it happens”. She has shown her commitments to the issues of her policy platform not simply with words, but with her actions. And she is exactly who we need in office to help fight for people and address the big challenges of our moment.

Talisha Searcy

Member, Takoma Park City Council, Ward 6

Takoma Park, MD

Brandy Brooks will make an excellent councilmember. She harnesses her organizing skills to build community power. Brandy is building an inclusive campaign and she will model inclusive policymaking for our county.

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin

National Climate Strategist

Baltimore, MD

I support local leaders pushing for community led change on climate, equity and a livable future!

Tasnuva Khan

Olney, MD

Brandy is a grassroots organizer and activist who is passionate about centering community voices and building community power.

Tebabu Assefa

Founder, Blessed Coffee

Takoma Park, MD

Temi F. Bennett

Washington, DC

As a policymaker, I believe Brandy will operationalize racial equity in a substantive way. I want to see action beyond the talking points!

Virginia D. Onley

Former Rockville City Councilmember

Rockville, MD

I share Brandy’s vision for an inclusive democracy in Montgomery County, advocating and supporting policies that advance equity, justice, and healing for all residents of Montgomery County.

Xoai Pham

Brooklyn, NY

Brandy is a dreamer and a doer. She possesses the abundant spirit we need to help us demand all that we deserve.

Yvette Butler-Yeboah, MD

Silver Spring, MD

Yvette D. Monroe

Former Gaithersburg City Council Member

Gaithersburg, MD

Brandy is a progressive champion for causes that speak to my heart. Her passion to ensure the residents of Montgomery County have equity in housing, education, policing and economic development shows me she is willing to make the needs of everyday people her priority. Brandy is committed to making those necessary changes that benefit all residents of this beautifully diverse community and that is why I am supporting her.

Zola Shaw

Community Leader

Rockville, MD

We share a similar vision of a just and equitable county that centers community.

Zully Pineda

Silver Spring, MD

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