Brandy Brooks Calls for Major Electoral Reform for 2018

Brandy Brooks Calls for Major Electoral Reform for 2018

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (April 1, 2018) — Brandy Brooks, at-large candidate for Montgomery County Council, is calling for major changes to the voting process for the at-large race. Her goal is to ensure voters are able to fully evaluate each candidate’s skills, agility under pressure, and creativity, and to allow candidates to clearly distinguish themselves within the crowded field.

Brooks challenges the other 37 at-large candidates to a dance off.

“I am a ballet-trained, award-winning ballroom dancer, and a former cheerleader,” said Brooks. “The dance off allows me to show the people of Montgomery County how I will bring creative, artistic leadership to the governance of our county.”

The format of the dance off will be determined by an independent citizen-led commission that is equally balanced for up-county and down-county, incorporated and unincorporated areas, gender, and dance style preference. 

Brooks is ready to show county residents what visionary leadership on the council can look like. She adds, “My jazz hands are legendary.”

The time and place of the dance off is yet to be determined.

Now that we’ve got your attention… read Brandy’s Democracy for All platform.

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