Brandy Brooks’ Campaign Finalizes Staff Union Contract With Campaign Workers Guild

Fair, Transparent Process and Strong Outcome Set Precedent for Montgomery County Campaigns

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (January 19, 2022) – Brandy Brooks, candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large, announced today with her campaign staff that they have signed a contract governing wages, benefits, and working conditions. The contract establishes both compensation and benefits for staff, including health insurance stipends, travel and meal supports, and a guaranteed leave policy. The staff have joined the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG), which offered critical representation through the bargaining process.

Brandy Brooks (center) with campaign staff.

“I am really excited that we were able to work together with this dedicated, capable team to agree on a great contract for moving forward in solidarity to improve Montgomery County. I strongly support the right of my staff and all workers to form a union and believe wholeheartedly in the duty of employers to recognize that right and to bargain in good faith,” said Brooks. “I am convinced that, together with our amazing team, we are setting an important precedent for well-run, worker-friendly campaigns that resoundingly win elections.”

“The Brandy Brooks Power Posse workers worked really hard with management to bargain a contract that is a win for everyone. We’re proud of the role they are playing in transforming the industry for future campaign workers. We believe all workers deserve a union and a voice at the table. These workers raised theirs and won protections, wage increases, and better working conditions,” said Tyler Wilkinson, a CWG Representative. 

“We were happy to work across the bargaining table with a campaign that was proudly living its pro-worker values. Collectively, we have upheld the gold standard for bargaining fairly, transparently, and in good faith. We are excited to work for a unionized campaign that is showing candidates around Maryland how we can support campaigns and movements for justice while also boldly advancing worker’s rights to bargain for dignity and respect on the job,” said Frankie Santos Fritz, a Brooks campaign staffer and member of the Campaign Workers Guild. “We are committed to helping other staff around the county and the state raise standards for campaign workers and win excellent contracts.”

Brandy Brooks is an Afro-Latina educator, facilitator, designer, and community organizer with 15 years of experience working on social, housing, environmental, and economic justice. She is endorsed by 100+ local, state, and national leaders of color and the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.

The Democratic Primary is June 28, 2022. 

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