Brandy Brooks Demonstrates Powerful Community Support in  Campaign Launch for Montgomery County Council At-Large

Brooks reaches public finance qualifying thresholds in 1 week

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (February 15, 2021) — Montgomery County Council At-Large candidate and community organizer Brandy Brooks officially launched her campaign with a splash this weekend, demonstrating extraordinary fundraising strength and broad backing across the county. 

“We are building collective power in Montgomery County to center our politics and policies around people first,” said Michelle Whittaker, campaign manager. “By organizing community members across the county, we were able to achieve an unprecedented level of grassroots fundraising in a single week. This is transformative. We are building a movement for change one idea, one voter, and one dollar at a time.”

Just one week after launching the campaign’s fundraising efforts, Whittaker announced in front of a crowd of more than 155 supporters on a virtual Zoom event that Brooks has already reached the qualifying thresholds for the County’s Public Election Fund. Brooks’ campaign raised nearly $33,000 from over 400 contributors, including more than $26,000 from 290 Montgomery County residents.

“I am overwhelmed by the support for our shared vision of a just and sustainable Montgomery County and for progressive policy leadership,” said Brandy Brooks. “We will be bold and unapologetic in centering the voices of people of color, women, the TLGBQ+ community, immigrants, young people, and poor and working people. We will be bold and unapologetic about our progressive vision and policy solutions. We are going to change the conversation about what’s possible in public policy, so we can support every person who lives in our county.”

Candidates participating in the Montgomery County Public Election Fund commit to accept only contributions from individuals, up to $250 per person. The County matches contributions from county residents up to four times for the at-large race. To qualify for matching funds, at-large candidates must collect at least $20,000 from at least 250 county residents. Proponents of public financing tout its ability to engage new voices in politics.

“I opened my very first bank account this month, and the first thing I did was donate to Brandy Brooks’ campaign. I am so thrilled to support Brandy,” said Avery Smedley, a resident of Silver Spring and a student at Albert Einstein High School. “She’s a huge proponent of racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice. This is a really important investment for me, my community, and my future.”

The campaign will file for matching funds in June 2021, the first available opportunity for the 2022 election cycle.

Brooks is the first candidate to formally announce that she is running in the at-large race. Her campaign noted that she would be the first Black woman and first Latina to serve at-large in the County Council’s 50-year history.

Brooks is an Afro-Latina educator, facilitator, designer, and community organizer with 15 years of experience working on social, housing, environmental, and economic justice. In her 2018 campaign, she received endorsements from 21 local, state, and national organizations. The Democratic Primary is June 28, 2022. 

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I Believe That We Will Win

Note: The video begins with Brandy speaking in Spanish. Subtitles are provided. Good evening, welcome, and thank you so much for being here with me

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