Brandy Brooks Launches Platform with Focus on Housing and Economy

Brandy Brooks Launches Platform with Focus on Housing and Economy


August 1, 2017

Michelle C. Whittaker, Brandy for Montgomery County
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Brandy Brooks Launches Platform with Focus on Housing and Economy 

At-Large Candidate Rolls Out Platform Ahead of Aug. 26 Kickoff

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD — Brandy Brooks, grassroots organizer and at-large candidate for Montgomery County Council, announced the first part of her campaign platform today under the theme “Montgomery for All.” Brandy is excited to work with county residents on building a Montgomery County where all can live and thrive – for families, small businesses, young people, and seniors. Recognizing the stark economic disparities that exist in the county, Brooks is offering a vision for all residents that puts people above corporate interests.

The campaign website states, “We want to ensure that Montgomery County is for all of us: a place where we can live and thrive together, where we can take care of ourselves and our families, and where everyone can enjoy all of the County’s many benefits.”

“No longer will we let the interests of a few dictate the well being for the many,” said Brooks. “As one of the wealthiest counties in Maryland, we have the resources to carry out truly progressive policies. Our county should be a model for a just economy and safe, affordable housing — not economic inequality and communities segregated by race and class.”

The campaign released the first two planks of Brooks’ platform: Housing for All and Economy for All.

Housing for All Everyone in Montgomery should be able to find safe, healthy housing that they can afford – whether they are buying or renting their home. And our county should not be segregated by race and class. Right now only some of us live in places with good transportation and lots of green space and schools with lots of extra resources, and there are many places in the county where poor and working class people, immigrants, and people of color are implicitly or explicitly told they “don’t belong.”

Economy for All Workers are the foundation of our economy – the places we work wouldn’t exist without us. But the economic system that relies on our labor also devalues it: the majority of workers don’t truly share in the profits from our work. We need an economy based on equity, not exploitation – where our contributions to that economy are fairly rewarded and where power and wealth aren’t concentrated in the hands of a few.

Over the next three weeks, Brandy’s campaign is releasing platform details and sharing stories from her conversations with residents across the county. More details on Brandy’s platform are available at

“We’re building a movement that reflects all the diverse communities across the county,” said Brooks.

In July, Brandy officially filed as a candidate for At-Large County Council. The campaign is holding its official kickoff event on Saturday, August 26th 2-4pm at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg. The family-friendly event will give supporters and interested residents an opportunity to talk with Brandy about the issues that concern them most. For more information, contact Michelle Whittaker at [email protected].


Brandy Brooks is a public election fund candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large.

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