Brandy Brooks Releases List of 100+ Leaders of Color Supporting Her Candidacy for Montgomery County Council At-Large

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Leaders Affirm Shared Vision for an Inclusive Democracy

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (June 28, 2021) – Brandy Brooks, candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large, announces the BIPOC100, an impressive group of 100+ leaders and organizers of color who endorse her candidacy for office. The group includes current and former Montgomery County elected officials, state and local legislators across the country, leading national climate and environmental justice advocates, and local student and youth organizing leaders. Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for the campaign, exactly one year before the June 2022 Democratic primary.

The BIPOC100 are Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and multiracial leaders who support Brooks’s campaign and her vision for a just and equitable democracy. BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color; it is a collective term for communities of color. The group reflects Brooks’s commitment to centering the voices of historically marginalized communities and building strong relationships with progressive policy experts in a wide range of fields and regions.

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“It’s wonderful to have the support of this amazing group,” Brooks said. “Through their work, the members of the BIPOC100 are showing us every day what it means to make public policy that centers the leadership of communities of color and effectively responds to their needs and visions. These are the people who have been inspiring and shaping me over the course of my career, and I’m so honored to have them with me on this journey.”

Brooks was the first candidate to announce that she is running in the at-large race. As a renter in the county, she brings an essential perspective on housing and living wages for residents. As a longtime environmental justice advocate, she is committed to advancing environmental and land use policies that are rooted in equity and justice. If elected, Brooks would be the first Black woman and first Latina to serve at-large in the County Council’s 50-year history. 

“I met Brandy in 2018, and we hit it off right away,” said Ana Sol Gutiérrez, former Maryland State Delegate for District 18 and the first Latina elected to the Maryland General Assembly. “As a fellow progressive, Brandy is willing to speak truth to power. We need Brandy’s voice to help make policy decisions that represent the community and bring their issues to the forefront.”

“I’m excited to support Brandy Brooks, a fellow progressive and bold leader,” said Janeese Lewis George, DC Councilmember representing Ward 4. “Her voice and experiences as an Afro Latina organizer are deeply needed in Montgomery County and the DMV region to help build a just recovery that centers our communities in policy solutions. Black women are leading across the country and they deserve our support and a seat at the table.”

“Brandy is a phenomenal trainer, political healer, and organizer. I am blessed to call her a mentor and friend,” said State Representative Rick Krajewski, who represents Pennsylvania’s 188th District. “She has a clear vision of what movement politics is: building not only her own power, but the power of the people around her. That is why I am so excited about her candidacy — not just because of the great things she’ll do for Montgomery County, but because of the great leaders she will develop and bring with her along the way.”

Brooks continues to demonstrate strong fundraising and organizing power as a grassroots, fair elections candidate. “Since launching the campaign in February, Brandy has raised over $53,000 from small-dollar contributions,” said campaign manager Michelle Whittaker. “We have exceeded our 2018 fundraising totals and will continue to build a broad base of supporters who share our vision for a people-centered democracy.”

Brooks is participating in the Montgomery County Public Election Fund and committed to accepting only contributions from individuals, up to $250 per person. For the at-large race, the County matches the amount contributed by county residents up to four times. To qualify for matching funds, at-large candidates must collect at least $20,000 from at least 250 county residents; Brooks reached these thresholds at her campaign launch event in February.

Brandy Brooks is an Afro-Latina educator, facilitator, designer, and community organizer with 15 years of experience working on social, housing, environmental, and economic justice. In her 2018 campaign for County Council, she received endorsements from 21 local, state, and national organizations. 

The Democratic Primary is June 28, 2022. 

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