We want to ensure that Montgomery County is for all of us: a place where we can live and thrive together, where we can take care of ourselves and our families, and where everyone can enjoy all of the County’s benefits. Here’s what will help us build a #Montgomery4All.

Everyone in Montgomery should be able to find safe, healthy housing that they can afford – whether they are buying or renting their home. And our county should not be segregated by race and class. Right now only some of us live in places with good transportation and lots of green space and schools with lots of extra resources, and there are many places in the county where poor and working class people, immigrants, and people of color are implicitly or explicitly told they “don’t belong.”

Workers are the foundation of our economy – the places we work wouldn’t exist without us. But the economic system that relies on our labor also devalues it: the majority of workers don’t truly share in the profits from our work. We need an economy based on equity, not exploitation – where our contributions to that economy are fairly rewarded and where power and wealth aren’t concentrated in the hands of a few.

Food insecurity – that is, not being sure where your next meal will come from – affects 70,000 people in the County. In addition to providing emergency food and nutrition education, we must be actively engaging our community members as farmers, food business owners, and experts on healthy food cultures around the world. In a County with so many resources, no one should ever go hungry.

As more and more people choose to live in Montgomery County, we need to make sure that we have transportation options that meet our needs.  In too many parts of the County – or when traveling across the County – a car is the only option for getting from here to there. While we need to have a well-maintained road network, we must also have better public transit options that take us to work, to school, to run errands, and to have fun around the County.

The voice and power of the people is central to a real democracy. All of us should be part of our self-governance: we should be the shapers and decision makers of the policies and systems that affect our lives. This begins with upholding the right to vote, but democracy is more than just elections. It is about who has real influence and presence in our government – a right that shouldn’t be reserved just for the wealthy or elite. We must ensure that the structures of our democracy work to support the full participation of all community members.