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I’m mad

I’m mad

I must address the appalling, devastating $1.5 trillion tax bill GOP leaders in Congress just passed for their mega donors. It’s going to hurt millions of hard-working people across this country, and it makes me mad as hell.

I’m sorry for the language (my mom is reading this email, too) – but I can’t be silent. This impacts state and local government. It impacts everyday families. It makes it ten times harder for students and families struggling to make ends meet. It is yet another example of big money influencing our policies.

It’s time for all of us to rise up and say NO MORE.

NO MORE to big money in our elections drowning out everyday people.

NO MORE to corporate interests writing the rules in their favor and profiting off of people.

NO MORE to backroom deals where lobbyists write legislation and elected leaders fail to hold a single hearing on sweeping policy that impacts so many aspects of our lives AND the  federal, state, and local government.

This is our moment to change what happens in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington, DC. – and it starts by making sure we support and elect folks that are beholden to no one else but the people.

Please take a moment to join a day of action to call Congress and voice your objection to the tax bill. We can still stop this bill but it will take millions of us rising up and saying NO MORE giveaways to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations! 

December 6 – National Call-in Day to Stop the GOPTaxBill 

SEIU and other national groups are hosting a national call-in day to Congress TOMORROW (Wednesday, December 6) on the tax bill. Call 1-855-713-0060 to tell Congress to VOTE NO and stop this corporate giveaway.

You can also join on the ground events on Capitol Hill with CASA to support DREAMers and a clean DACA bill. Our immigrant brothers and sisters need our help and support as families are being torn apart by the heartless immigration policies of this administration.

In this moment, I am encouraged by the words of Dr. King that while our journey is long, and often difficult we must continue forward as the world bends toward justice and equality for all in our community.


VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving – Recovering Our Stories

VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving – Recovering Our Stories

I want to wish all of you a safe, restful, and Happy Thanksgiving.

This week I am in Minnesota spending time with dear friends. Today, I had the opportunity to visit the State Capitol in St. Paul, MN and see a special exhibit that examines the history and treatment of native people by early settlers to the area. The exhibit challenges the dominant narratives that have been told throughout history that often marginalize people of color. It is an opportunity for many of us to reclaim our own story in American history.

This campaign is about all of us reclaiming our unique story of our democracy. I’m thankful the opportunity to run a campaign powered by your support, ideas, and most importantly your energy.

Thank you again for all that you do for this campaign and Happy Thanksgiving!

Upcoming Events

November 25
Democracy on Tap at Paladar in Gaithersburg 5-7pm

November 28
(All-Day, Wear you purple, give back to the community, and support the campaign!)
House Party in Silver Spring hosted by Kenneth Wilson 7pm

December 1
House Party in Wheaton hosted by Dana Best 7pm

#TeamBrandy PEF Update: Halfway There!

#TeamBrandy PEF Update: Halfway There!

It’s a moment to crank some Bon Jovi and say “Thank you!” — Our campaign is halfway to reaching the number of donors needed to qualify for the Montgomery County Public Election Fund because of the amazing people that join our campaign everyday!

Brandy and her team have deep conversations with folks about a vision for a Montgomery for All – and people truly believe in that vision!

We have 131 Montgomery County donors so far (we need 250 to qualify for the Public Election Fund). We’re excited to be over the halfway mark and we’d like you to celebrate with us by giving the campaign a HIGH FIVE – take 5 actions to help spread the word.

Can you give the campaign a high-five? Here’s how:

  1. Share why you support Brandy. We are collecting quotes and testimonials about why folks support Brandy. Feel free to post on social media (tag the campaign @brandy4moco) or you can email the campaign at [email protected] and we will post your story online for you.

  2. Ask two (2) people to donate $5 or more to the campaign. Every donation helps us get closer to qualifying. Our average donation is $38 so we want folks to give what they can – it helps get big money out of our politics so that the issues that matter most – your issues – are what our elected leaders focus on. Share our donate link

  3. Join #TeamBrandy SocialPower Team. We have a growing voice online and we want to give volunteers and supporters different ways to amplify what we’re doing. If you’re on social media, you can help share and send out content, share action alerts, promote events, sign petitions, and raise up other campaign related activities. Email [email protected] for more information.

  4. Connect a MoCo Resident. If you know someone that lives in Montgomery County, please tell them about Brandy’s campaign and invite them to check out Brandy’s website ( We like making new friends!

  5. Wear purple on November 28 – #givingtuesday. We’d love for you to wear purple on Tuesday, November 28 and volunteer with a community project in your neighborhood. You can wear a button, sticker, or t-shirt. Send a picture of yourself wearing purple to show your support for Brandy and give back to your community by volunteering at a local community center or organization. Sign-up for a reminder.

We are committed to creating a reflective democracy that challenges the status quo. It is going to take all of us to make it happen.  

I hope you will take a moment to high-five the campaign for reaching the halfway mark to qualifying for the public election fund.

We’re halfway there… but we’re not living on a prayer. We’re powered by the people!

Power100 initiative – A Commitment to Social Justice

Power100 initiative – A Commitment to Social Justice

Brandy Brooks is committed to supporting our most vulnerable communities throughout Montgomery County and around the world. The Power100 initiative gives supporters the opportunity to be part of Brandy’s shared vision for a democracy that supports and cares for one another.

To provide clarity on the campaign’s Power100 initiative, Brooks released the following statement:

“Our campaign remains committed to being social-justice focused. We will use funds raised during our Power100 initiative to purchase advertising and/or programming material related to events/activities these groups do for relief efforts. Our campaign promotion and outreach activities seek to connect with impacted communities and families in our county.

We’re excited to be participants in the inaugural cycle of Montgomery County’s Public Election Fund (PEF). We want to demonstrate for other counties and for the state that public financing works to amplify the voice of regular citizens in our politics and to open up opportunities for new candidates to run. We see the PEF as a critical entryway for disenfranchised communities to become active participants in our democracy.

We know that the Public Election Fund is under particular scrutiny this year, and we take seriously the responsibility to use our funds both ethically and legally. We continue to seek appropriate guidance regarding all aspects of our campaign to ensure that we follow both state and county campaign finance law.”

The campaign is extending the Power100 initiative through the end of September. Only a contributor’s donation amount (and not potential matching funds) will be allocated towards promotion and outreach content to designated charities. We will share information with our donors and supporters about the events in which we are participating, as the event details are confirmed.

We must work every single day to build a society that truly embodies justice

We must work every single day to build a society that truly embodies justice

Editor’s Note: Brandy Brooks along with At-Large candidates Hoan Dang, Danielle Meitiv, and Chris Wilhelm, and District 20 state delegate candidate Lorig Charkoudian held a press conference on Wednesday, August 15 at Crossroads Farmers Market in response to the violent rhetoric of white supremacists and lack of leadership by the current president to condemn and end the rise of violence and hate in America.

Good afternoon. My name is Brandy Brooks, and I’m a candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large. I’m joined by Hoan Dang, Danielle Meitiv, and Chris Wilhelm, also candidates for County Council At-Large, as well as Lorig Charkoudian, candidate for State Delegate in District 20.

Three days ago, Heather Heyer was murdered and 19 other people were injured when a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of protesters who were boldly standing against a racist demonstration in Charlottesville, VA.

The current occupant of the White House wants you to believe that this was the unfortunate result of “violence on many sides.” But we want to be crystal clear: white supremacists who believe in removing everyone from our nation who doesn’t match their bigoted worldview marched in Charlottesville to defend a symbol of enslavement. Their actions and language incited one of their members to assault and murder, which they then celebrated on their social and media networks.

We have gathered together as candidates for office in Montgomery County to call out this violent, murderous hate for what it is: a complete violation of the values of truth, freedom, and democracy. 

We have gathered together as candidates for office in Montgomery County to call out this violent, murderous hate for what it is: a complete violation of the values of truth, freedom, and democracy. And we call out Donald Trump for encouraging violent speech and violent action throughout his campaign; for deliberately appealing to racism, white nationalism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and misogyny in his campaign and in office; and for putting white supremacists like Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Neil Gorsuch into positions of power in our government.

But it is far too easy to direct our attention to Washington without looking around us here in Montgomery County. We have seen a rise in hate crimes in the County over the past year. Within our communities, some residents emboldened by Trump and his followers have chosen to act out their racist worldview in public. Students in our schools have been subjected to vicious and hateful language from their peers. Local churches have been graffitied with words like “Trump Nation. Whites Only.” Yet these are not new issues in our County: 50 years ago, I wouldn’t have been allowed to walk through Chevy Chase after dark. And today, despite our identity as a politically progressive county, we are still starkly divided by race and class.

White supremacy is here in Montgomery County, not just in Charlottesville or Washington. And as candidates for office, we are here to stand against every way that white supremacy is upheld in our County.

When we define wealthy, white neighborhoods and schools as “good” and neighborhoods and schools with a majority of poor people of color as “bad,” this is white supremacy.

When our black and brown young people are directed into the juvenile and criminal justice system instead of receiving the education they deserve, this is white supremacy.

When immigrant members of our communities are criticized for “taking others’ jobs” and “draining our resources” instead of recognized for their hard work and contributions to our County, this is white supremacy.

When County residents of color are disproportionately burdened by the cost of their housing, and yet still can’t be sure that their homes will be healthy or safe, this is white supremacy.

When communities of color experience police harassment and brutality because they are presumed to be more “criminal” than white communities, this is white supremacy.

When opioid addiction among white community members is a national health crisis but drug use in communities of color is a rationale for mass incarceration and economic devastation, this is white supremacy.

And when we live in a County where a majority of our residents are people of color, but our local legislature is 77% white, this is white supremacy.

White supremacy does not require anyone to be intentionally racist. It is not merely personal behavior or attitudes; it is a pervasive system and a structure that perpetuates itself. If we keep arguing that racism is limited only to a few “bad apples” and outrageous incidents while ignoring the stories and lived realities of people of color in our County, we are supporting white supremacy. We are supporting the same mentality that pretends that a Confederate flag is merely about states’ rights and that hate speech is merely innocuous free speech. Ignoring the attitudes, beliefs and practices that maintain white supremacy is a choice to let them continue.

Edmund Burke said that “[t]he only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It is not enough to simply be good people with the right politics. It is not enough to believe that we would have stood up against Nazi Germany if we’d been there, or to say that we marched for civil rights back in the day. It is time to show what we are willing to do NOW so that racism and white supremacy no longer shape our public discourse and public policy. Beyond resistance and rhetoric, we must work every single day to build a society that truly embodies justice – not only in words, but in our the daily lives of every person in our County.

We stand here today united in our commitment to ensure that Montgomery County is a safe and welcoming place for all people. We call on the current County Council and County Executive to name and to end institutional racism in the policies and practices of our County. We are all candidates for office, but regardless of who wins the 2018 elections, we commit to working together as community leaders, parents, teachers, scientists, mediators, and organizers who will advance truly progressive policy that makes equity a reality in our county.

Thank you.