I Honor Those Who Serve

My grandfather, Edward, was a World War II veteran, and my sister, Becky, is a current servicemember. Like many servicemembers, they give back to our country and support their families through service and sacrifice. The lives of our veterans and servicemembers are precious to their family, friends, and communities. That’s why it is critical to support all servicemembers abroad and at home.

We should never put people’s lives in harm’s way without clear and just cause – not for protecting the profits of the wealthy, not to advance U.S. imperialism, and not for “regime change” falsely billed as democracy when it is truly about economic and political dominance. Our servicemembers should never be led to war on a lie. We must always prioritize effective diplomatic, economic, and environmental aid to people working for justice in their own countries before we endanger citizens of any nation through the deployment of military force.

We honor servicemembers today — and everyday — when we support their wellbeing and dignity. Veterans disproportionately experience behavioral and physical health struggles, food and economic insecurity, and homelessness. Working to ensure housing for all, healthcare for all, a just and sustainable food system, and an economy that supports all of us to thrive is paramount. We must make sure that all our veterans, no matter their age, race and ethnicity, or disability status are able to thrive with dignity.

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