I’m mad

I’m mad

I must address the appalling, devastating $1.5 trillion tax bill GOP leaders in Congress just passed for their mega donors. It’s going to hurt millions of hard-working people across this country, and it makes me mad as hell.

I’m sorry for the language (my mom is reading this email, too) – but I can’t be silent. This impacts state and local government. It impacts everyday families. It makes it ten times harder for students and families struggling to make ends meet. It is yet another example of big money influencing our policies.

It’s time for all of us to rise up and say NO MORE.

NO MORE to big money in our elections drowning out everyday people.

NO MORE to corporate interests writing the rules in their favor and profiting off of people.

NO MORE to backroom deals where lobbyists write legislation and elected leaders fail to hold a single hearing on sweeping policy that impacts so many aspects of our lives AND the  federal, state, and local government.

This is our moment to change what happens in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington, DC. – and it starts by making sure we support and elect folks that are beholden to no one else but the people.

Please take a moment to join a day of action to call Congress and voice your objection to the tax bill. We can still stop this bill but it will take millions of us rising up and saying NO MORE giveaways to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations! 

December 6 – National Call-in Day to Stop the GOPTaxBill 

SEIU and other national groups are hosting a national call-in day to Congress TOMORROW (Wednesday, December 6) on the tax bill. Call 1-855-713-0060 to tell Congress to VOTE NO and stop this corporate giveaway.

You can also join on the ground events on Capitol Hill with CASA to support DREAMers and a clean DACA bill. Our immigrant brothers and sisters need our help and support as families are being torn apart by the heartless immigration policies of this administration.

In this moment, I am encouraged by the words of Dr. King that while our journey is long, and often difficult we must continue forward as the world bends toward justice and equality for all in our community.


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