Meet Brandy Brooks

I’m running for Montgomery County Council At-Large to bring the voices and power of everyday people into how we govern.

Hello! I’m Brandy Brooks! I want to ensure that Montgomery County is a place where we all can live and thrive together. I am a community organizer and justice advocate. My work in the region and across the country has been centered on build power within marginalized communities.

I’m running for Montgomery County Council At-Large to bring the voices and power of everyday people into how we govern.

My family and I have planted roots in Montgomery County. We moved here in 2015 so we could support one another. Along with me, my mom, my sister and brother-in-law, and my little niece we’ve been able to tackle childcare, job losses, and a severe car accident in ways none of us could have done alone. Having easy access to healthcare and good transportation makes all the difference for my health and my livelihood. My family and I have made our home and planted roots here – and that’s why it’s important to me to work every day so we, and families like ours, can continue to live and thrive in Montgomery County.

I have strong roots in the DMV. I was born in Massachusetts but grew up in Northern Virginia. I have a bachelor’s in Design Computing from the Boston Architectural College and a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University. I’ve served in senior leadership roles at non-profits in Boston and the DC metro area. My work has focused on building collaborative and sustainable food systems. I am an active organizer in Montgomery County on affordable housing, land use, public safety, and racial equity.

I am the daughter of parents who fought for their civil rights.
I am the granddaughter of immigrants and sharecroppers.
I am the aunt of bright, creative, and joy-filled nieces and nephews.

Brandy Brooks smiles and poses wearing a pastel top and necklace with red jewelry.
Brandy Brooks and her family members stand in front of their home (2017)
Brandy Brooks speaking at a rent relief rally; people in background hold signs in support of rent relief.
Brandy greets U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin at a 2018 gun violence prevention event in Takoma Park

Real democracy means we, the people, govern.

Our voices are being drowned out by big money and developers. They write policy to benefit their bottom line at the expense of us. We don’t need to cross our fingers and hope for the best anymore!

When rent keeps going up without safety or health concerns being address and the economic impact of COVID19 leaves many families on the edge of eviction, it’s time for everyday citizens to speak up. There should be affordable and fair housing no matter where you live. 

When traffic is so bad and our metro keeps breaking down, it’s time for better planning and funding. We need to expand public transportation and roadways for all areas of the county while protecting our environment.

When the paycheck and the bills don’t seem to meet. It’s time to create a culture of dignity for all work and establish a living wage.

When our elections don’t give everyone a voice, it’s time to build a movement for people-powered democracy. We need to holds our leaders accountable.

Politics should not be about winning campaigns at all cost. I want to build a world that matches our shared values – a world where justice, love, dignity, and care for one another are the bedrock for how we govern ourselves. That’s why I’m running to represent all of Montgomery County.

Brandy’s Work

Brandy is an activist, educator, facilitator, and designer with 10+ years of experience in social and environmental justice.

  • Co-Director and Board Member of One Square World
  • Founding executive director of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston
  • Board of Director of the Montgomery County Renter’s Alliance
Brandy’s Education
  • Master in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Suffolk University
  • Bachelor of Design Studies with a concentration in Design Computing from the Boston Architectural College
  • Alumna of Harvard College

I want to be a voice for residents in Montgomery County. It’s time for a Montgomery for all that is thriving and welcoming for residents and visitors.

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