Power100 initiative – A Commitment to Social Justice

Power100 initiative – A Commitment to Social Justice

Brandy Brooks is committed to supporting our most vulnerable communities throughout Montgomery County and around the world. The Power100 initiative gives supporters the opportunity to be part of Brandy’s shared vision for a democracy that supports and cares for one another.

To provide clarity on the campaign’s Power100 initiative, Brooks released the following statement:

“Our campaign remains committed to being social-justice focused. We will use funds raised during our Power100 initiative to purchase advertising and/or programming material related to events/activities these groups do for relief efforts. Our campaign promotion and outreach activities seek to connect with impacted communities and families in our county.

We’re excited to be participants in the inaugural cycle of Montgomery County’s Public Election Fund (PEF). We want to demonstrate for other counties and for the state that public financing works to amplify the voice of regular citizens in our politics and to open up opportunities for new candidates to run. We see the PEF as a critical entryway for disenfranchised communities to become active participants in our democracy.

We know that the Public Election Fund is under particular scrutiny this year, and we take seriously the responsibility to use our funds both ethically and legally. We continue to seek appropriate guidance regarding all aspects of our campaign to ensure that we follow both state and county campaign finance law.”

The campaign is extending the Power100 initiative through the end of September. Only a contributor’s donation amount (and not potential matching funds) will be allocated towards promotion and outreach content to designated charities. We will share information with our donors and supporters about the events in which we are participating, as the event details are confirmed.

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