#TeamBrandy PEF Update: Halfway There!

#TeamBrandy PEF Update: Halfway There!

It’s a moment to crank some Bon Jovi and say “Thank you!” — Our campaign is halfway to reaching the number of donors needed to qualify for the Montgomery County Public Election Fund because of the amazing people that join our campaign everyday!

Brandy and her team have deep conversations with folks about a vision for a Montgomery for All – and people truly believe in that vision!

We have 131 Montgomery County donors so far (we need 250 to qualify for the Public Election Fund). We’re excited to be over the halfway mark and we’d like you to celebrate with us by giving the campaign a HIGH FIVE – take 5 actions to help spread the word.

Can you give the campaign a high-five? Here’s how:

  1. Share why you support Brandy. We are collecting quotes and testimonials about why folks support Brandy. Feel free to post on social media (tag the campaign @brandy4moco) or you can email the campaign at [email protected] and we will post your story online for you.

  2. Ask two (2) people to donate $5 or more to the campaign. Every donation helps us get closer to qualifying. Our average donation is $38 so we want folks to give what they can – it helps get big money out of our politics so that the issues that matter most – your issues – are what our elected leaders focus on. Share our donate link brandy4montgomery.com/donate.

  3. Join #TeamBrandy SocialPower Team. We have a growing voice online and we want to give volunteers and supporters different ways to amplify what we’re doing. If you’re on social media, you can help share and send out content, share action alerts, promote events, sign petitions, and raise up other campaign related activities. Email [email protected] for more information.

  4. Connect a MoCo Resident. If you know someone that lives in Montgomery County, please tell them about Brandy’s campaign and invite them to check out Brandy’s website (www.brandy4montgomery.com). We like making new friends!

  5. Wear purple on November 28 – #givingtuesday. We’d love for you to wear purple on Tuesday, November 28 and volunteer with a community project in your neighborhood. You can wear a button, sticker, or t-shirt. Send a picture of yourself wearing purple to show your support for Brandy and give back to your community by volunteering at a local community center or organization. Sign-up for a reminder.

We are committed to creating a reflective democracy that challenges the status quo. It is going to take all of us to make it happen.  

I hope you will take a moment to high-five the campaign for reaching the halfway mark to qualifying for the public election fund.

We’re halfway there… but we’re not living on a prayer. We’re powered by the people!

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